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Small Business Marketing Speaker / Marketing Coach, Jim Ackerman introduces your comprehensive resource for “genetically engineering” your small business marketing for ever-increasing success…

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Download the 11 Most Overlooked Marketing Strategies & How You Can Use Them to Increase Profits 35% or More, Virtually Overnight. A $97.00 value!

A lot of self-professed gurus peddlin’ a lot of information about all kinds of magic pills and silver bullets for your small business marketing efforts. Strangely, though, while they’re long on the “what-to-dos” they’re shockingly short on the all-important “how-to-do-its.” 

When you consider that the right how-to-do-its can impact the success of your marketing by up to 2,100%, it’s a striking omission, don’t you think?

Get this report totally focused on the 11 most-overlooked how-to-do-its, that apply to virtually any marketing effort, online or off.

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How to Market Your Crap When the Economy is STILL in the Toilet
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