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Welcome to the only business association exclusively dedicated to helping our small to medium-size business members “Get more customers who will pay you more money, more often™,” by both teaching… and also helping you implement… no and low cost , always high return-for-the-dollar, direct marketing and alternative marketing strategies.

The BIZKABOOM ALLIANCE is a consortium of progressive, like-minded, profit-driven entrepreneurs, business owners and managers, who are dedicated to consistently improving the measurable results of their marketing efforts.

Through The BIZKABOOM ALLIANCE website, YouTube channel, Newsletter, Monthly webinars/teleconferences and FREE Call-in Days, preferred vendors and much, much more, The Alliance helps members “genetically engineer” your marketing efforts for ever-increasing success.

The Alliance provides many opportunities for members to improve your own marketing skills, but also for members to consistently help each other. It is, after all, an ALLIANCE!

When you become a member of The BizKaboom Alliance™ family, you open the door to a whole new world of profit-proven, success-documented marketing know-how and the resources to “get it done,” to dramatically grow your enterprise.   

Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, online marketer, service company or professional, you can utilize the resources of “The Alliance” to rope in new customers, clients, or patients; to increase the size of your average transaction; and to get ‘em coming back to you time and time again. All the while invoking innovative new ways to add massive value, advantage, protection and benefit to the lives of your customers, clients or patients.  

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Members of The BizKaboom Alliance realize that marketing is the engine that drives your business, and who have embarked on a never-ending quest to discover and implement the most effective and powerful marketing and advertising for your business.   

As a member, you gain access to an ever-widening, ever-deepening source of knowledge and insight into the kinds of marketing that bring measurable results to small businesses.   

But knowledge is just the beginning…   

As a member, you’re entitled to receive direct consultation on your own marketing projects and challenges. That consultation comes at the hands of some of the top marketing minds on the planet… Highly trained and highly experienced marketing practitioners who have embraced the Principle-Centered Marketing™ method.    

And through The Alliance, you can also access feedback from other members across the nation and the globe. These are entrepreneurs just like you, who are happy to give you their insight and opinions on your marketing efforts. And don’t forget… members may well reflect the very kind of people to whom you’re trying to market.

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When you become a member of The BizKaboom Alliance, you will receive all of the 5 things you need to succeed in business…            

  • 1. Knowledge of what to do             
  • 2. Knowledge of how to do it             
  • 3. The resources to get it done             
  • 4. Feedback to make sure you do it right             
  • 5. Accountability to make sure you actually do it   

FREE Marketing Masters Alliance Newsletter…

A primary source of your “what-to-dos and how-to-do-its, this entertaining and informative monthly newsletter from founder Jim Ackerman and guest experts, focuses on profit-proven marketing principles, strategies or techniques each and every issue. Implement any one and pay for your membership many times over.  

And with the Audio program that accompanies your issue every month, you have a regular reminder of the what to dos and the how to do its you need to consistently work ON your business, instead of merely IN your business. The audio program also provides a way for you to “pound these principles, strategies and techniques into your brain,” so they become yours. Once you “own” them, you’ll be able to use them for optimum pay back!   

Tap into Expert Marketing Consultation… FREE…   

Part of your membership includes FREE marketing consultation with an Ascend Marketing, licensed, certified, Principle-Centered Marketing™ Coach

The invaluable feedback on your marketing projects helps to make sure you make maximum money in minimum time. Consultations are valued at up to $500/hr, so you can get upwards of $1,500.00 worth of consultation to use as you wish throughout the year.   

Preferred Pricing and Privileges at Alliance Conferences & Conventions…

Your training isn’t limited to phone, fax, and Internet consultations. Each year The Alliance sponsors one or more conferences and conventions at strategic and attractive locations around the country. Members of The BKA not only receive advance notification and pricing up to 100% OFF full tuition (depending on level of membership), but members are given special treatment at each event. Special seating, special meetings, special recognition and more!   

And as a member, you are entitled to attend Ascend Marketing Workshops, and participate in Coaching and other programs at 10% or more OFF whatever the EARNED price is. In other words, this member discount is in addition to pricing based on special offers and/or early bird discounts.   

These special pricing accommodations alone could save you many times the cost of your membership.   

Access to Alliance Preferred Vendors Nationwide…

The BKA enables you to tap into a network of proven, preferred vendors across the continent who provide the finest creative, production and fulfillment services, along with all kinds of business assistance, from Strategic Planning and Funding, to Management Consulting and Sales Training. Members access these vendors and often pay discounted rates because of their membership in The Alliance.   


There is a level of membership for every size company and budget (starting at FREE!) Click on the links below to discover the specific features and benefits that come with each level of participation…

* NOTE: Some levels are restricted access and may only be joined by application and invitation.

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