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If you're wondering whether you need marketing help, you already know you do...

If you’re like most small businesses, you came to your enterprise with little or no formal training in marketing. Or, if you were “college trained,” there’s a good chance the things they taught you don’t apply in the small business marketing you have to do every day.

Either way, there is a good chance there are “holes” in your marketing know-how, skills and systems.

But better to find out for sure with a simple Marketing Fitness Checkup

We have developed a simple diagnostic tool that can help you identify the specific marketing needs of your business. It consists of a brief questionnaire that will take you about 8 minutes to fill out, followed by a live, phone consultation with a licensed, certified Principle-Centered MarketingCoach.

We promise, through the MFC process, you will receive a minimum of at least 3, easily-actionable recommendations you can use in your business immediately, whether you do any further business with us or not.

Normally a $397.00 value – Now FREE to website visitors

Because of the careful consideration and time we take in both preparing and presenting our recommendations to you, the Marketing Fitness Check-up is easily a $397.00 value.

However, we are now providing it to you FREE, with our compliments, because you found us online.

You can fill out the questionnaire immediately. After filling it out, hit submit and we will contact you to set up your 30-minute FREE consultation…

CLICK HERE to access the Marketing Fitness Check-up Questionnaire.

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Hesitate to Reach Out for Bizkaboom™ & Ascend Marketing™ help...

It’s normal to hesitate calling in outside help, but the truth of the matter is, waiting can make your situation a lot more difficult. Experienced Principle-Centered Marketing Coaches know what you’re going through. They understand how difficult it is to make the call asking for help, whether your business is struggling or you’re doing well but just can’t seem to make the leap to the next level.

Just 3 more reasons to contact a marketing specialist now...

1.     Short term cash challenges can be remarkably easy to fix… sometimes in a matter of minutes or hours

2.     Lower marketing costs brought about by more effective and efficient marketing programs can actually save you money both short and long-term

3.     Increases in number of customers through the door, as well as dollars in the till can quickly reach double digits and more

The first step can be the Marketing Fitness Check-up we’re offering here for FREE.

Imagine the peace and satisfaction you’ll enjoy when you get your business going the way you want it to. Imagine the comfort and fun your increased income will bring with it. And imagine finally feeling in complete control of your marketing and your business, as you become a rock star in your industry.

It all starts when you CLICK HERE!

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How to Market Your Crap When the Economy is STILL in the Toilet
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